Transmigration: Children of The Plane
Transmigration: Children of The Plane

Transmigration: Children of The Plane

210 Chapters 62.9K Views 57 Bookmarked Ongoing Status


Xue Bai, a young ALS patient, dies without experiencing a childhood. But instead of normal death, Xue Bai ended up in the situation of his dreams. He had transmigrated into a cultivation world, only to realize the world he is in now was a game he played before he died.

With his knowledge of the game, will he finally live his dream life in the new world, or will he die before making anything of himself?

How will he deal with the protagonists in the game who have been blessed by the very plane itself?

Will he fight against them or befriend them?

Xue Bai might've been transmigrated into a cripple, but with his knowledge of the game, he would go big or go home.

“Transmigration: Children of The Plane” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Eastern, Xianxia, Harem, Adventure, Action genres. Written by the author slarbi123. 210 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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