This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder
This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder

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On the surface, Xi Tianyi was the only son of Sword Empress Xi of the Buzhou Immortal Sect, the number one expert in the Huang Realm. His birth was noble, his status exalted. But the truth was that Xi Tianyi was actually a reincarnated man from a world known as Earth.

On Earth, he was no one special, but with his new life, Xi Tianyi aims to reign invincible: past, present, and future. Among his goals was to travel back to Earth and reunite with his family.

However, as Xi Tianyi proceeds further on his Immortal path, he discovers that rather than the protagonist, why does he seem more like the cannon fodder villain?

“This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder” novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Xianxia genres. Written by the author KaiserBlak. 483 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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