This Eroge Won't Make Me Fall!
This Eroge Won't Make Me Fall!

This Eroge Won't Make Me Fall!

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Plagued with Prosopagnosia, Making friends or lovers was the last thing in Yujin's reach and on Yujin's list, after all, when the dream is to be the Strongest Being in the world, love doesn't even register, yes?

“W-wait... what's this? I am... Eugene? The same guy from that Eroge!?”

Unable to remember faces at all, will the petty villain in the Eroge be able to keep his dream of being the strongest in the world?


Or will this Eroge bring his chastity under threat?

A Steamy Erotic Comedy of the Strongest Person like none other begins now!

“This Eroge Won't Make Me Fall!” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adult genres. Written by the author Chestnutriceeee. 466 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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