The Villain Can't Lose
The Villain Can't Lose

The Villain Can't Lose

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“ that the end for me?”

His eyes closed, accepting his fate. He thought it was the end. However, it was not.

When Liam awoke from the endless darkness, he found himself in a world much different from his own―and in a body that was unfamiliar.

“...[ The Golden Hero ] This is...”

It seemed that he was given another chance at life. No longer as Liam, but as Rowen, a character from a novel.

But, there was a slight problem.

Rowen was a villain. A secondary villain at that.

His fate was to be manipulated by the antagonist and killed by the hero.

It was a tragedy. What could he possibly do?

Of course, not wanting to let fate decide for him again, he took up his arms, stopping at nothing to prevent his tragic death.

He had to survive in a cruel world where fate was not in his favour.

If it meant killing the protagonist, the crown prince or even the main villain; he would do so.

All so that he could live the life he wants.

“The Villain Can't Lose” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adult, Action genres. Written by the author Jeri_. 91 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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