The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.
The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.

The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.

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Luo Wei, an orphan, grew up as an assassin, rising to the top of the black market as the 'Ice Queen.' Her boyfriend betrayed her by giving her a necklace with a GPS tracking device. She is finally cornered and killed after hiding and running through bullets, and everyone she offended is after her life. After death, she awakens in another body, her soul awakens in a weak, meek, and sadist girl, a mother of triplets. She made the decision to live a clean life, to work for power, and to stand tall in the tallest pyramid. She accepts her life as a mother but is unconcerned about her husband because he is unconcerned about past Luo Wei or the children. ******************************************** "Oohh this one? he is your new daddy, we are getting married tomorrow, everyone was astonished, because they knew she was Bai Lin's wife and those kids were his. "Hahaha Mommy, does he have enough money? We don't want poor daddies!! Lin Wei said out loudly. " Mommy look at how you have scared your future husband, he is sweating profusely." Huang said sarcastically. Luo Wei stretched her long legs and placed them on the table. she laid back on the couch comfortably, Huang massaged her shoulders while Wei Wei and Hong watching her. "Humphhh!! What do you know, he is just astonished by my beauty, what do you say fiance?" she smiled sweetly at him. Ling Jun nodded faster faster he was really scared. Everyone else could see the situation ain't good. "Hong, look that's your CEO, greet him politely." Luo Wei instructed. "Hellooo Mr. CEO we meet again," Hong greeted him politely. When Zhu Chang heard that, the anger he was simmering down, rose up, and banged at the table. "Who are showing off to stupid kid, not even your dad acknowledges you, you are a mere donation of sperms, you think you can order me around?" Zhu Chang talked out angrily. The kids were furious, anger was bubbling, his eyes turned red, Hong turned to look at his mom, he saw her nod. "Just don't kill we are civilized people." Luo Wei said smiling but her eyes turned. "Mommy can we make the Zhu Corporation bankrupt?" Wei Wei was smiling but that smile was terrorizing cold and ruthless. She was evil compared to the two brothers. Hong and Zhu Chang started fighting, they were 50/50, then he overpowered him, subdued him, gave him several beating. They could hear bones break. Their heart chilled. Hong pulled out a gun and pressed it on his head. "I want to hear you say those words again." Hong demanded coldly, he was really ruthless. Ling Jun couldn't move because he was already scared earlier, the others had seen the little Lolita girl, wiping her gun. they stayed sitting. If they moved they would aggravate the situation. "Alright my boy that's enough, don't kill, don't kill, I don't have time to clean up the mess. Ming Xie call an ambulance. Zhu Chang by tomorrow evening if I don't see the another 10% added. I will make the Zhu Corporation bankrupt by midnight." Luo Wei spoke those words coldly. Zhu Chang then realized what kind of a mess he is in, he was too impulsive.

“The Tyrant, Mischievous Mrs. Lin and her Triplets.” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance genres. Written by the author DaoistvODbDR. 401 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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