Ten Ways to Make a Difference with the Tyrant
Ten Ways to Make a Difference with the Tyrant

Ten Ways to Make a Difference with the Tyrant

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I became the fiancé of the tyrant male lead, a character who becomes a villainess because she was obsessed with the beautiful tyrant.

Of course, in the end, she was killed by the tyrant.

Still, this all happened before the original story began.

After diligently performing a dozen or so actions that would cause me to be dumped by him, I succeeded in becoming a sound friend of the tyrant, who turned out better than I had thought.

“How was it?” asked the female lead, who he saw for the first time.


“I meant your meeting with Miss Diel (female lead), Your Majesty.”

He tilted his head slightly. Hey, don’t pretend you aren’t interested.

It is said that he fell in love at first sight, but I saw it all.

Hehe. I chuckled and poked his arm with my finger.

“You know what? Please let me know if you have someone you like.”

“Why? So you can kill her?”

Heh, do you think I’m like you?

I smiled sincerely and answered him. “Well, I’ll break off our engagement at the right time.”


The smile on his face disappeared in an instant.

I somehow became speechless after my gaze met his glaring eyes.

He stared at me and laughed quietly in a slightly husky voice. In a subdued voice, he then said, “Don’t make a joke like that.”

His hand stealthily and gently brushed off the strand of hair on my cheek.

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