Should I Become a Villain?
Should I Become a Villain?

Should I Become a Villain?

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Various monsters came out from mysterious gates that appeared all over the world. Along with this incident, humans also gained power and were called hunters.

Radmilo Laiv is a hunter with the power to control time. He spent his life serving the world government and becoming a hero. However, he was killed because his power was considered a threat to the government.

It was a stroke of luck that Radmilo could return to the past because of his powers. In this life, he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore. Should he play the evil role and become a villain?

“Should I Become a Villain?” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the author AFM31_ALDA. 103 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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