Royal Princess: Doted On By The Mafia King
Royal Princess: Doted On By The Mafia King

Royal Princess: Doted On By The Mafia King

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A princess who knew nothing about love and trust after living a very lonely and hard life in her last life and killed afterwards by her step mother. Her mother the late Queen was said to be killed along with her the princess in an accident after betraying the kingdom. She is just a fashion designer, she is powerless and might never return her mother's name to it's former glory with the only skill she was confident of. He was one of those people who knew the truth but unlike most of them, it wanted the truth to be known. He wanted to help her seek revenge but above all, he wanted her. He gave his all to help her seek revenge that he was left with little time to be with her but for the short time he had to be with her, he wanted to spend enough time with her. He loved her more than life, he doted on her both openly and privately, he wanted her to feel the love that was taken away from her at an early age. Will the princess be willing to accept help from a Mafia King? He was a man who slowly made himself a terror to the nobles. If she accepts his help, will she accept his love? If she accepts his love, will she be willing to let go when she has to?

“Royal Princess: Doted On By The Mafia King” novel is a popular light novel covering Romance genres. Written by the author temiyemi354. 239 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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