Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!
Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!

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Reincarnated as a baby who was in his mother’s womb for a hundred years, the moment Lin Xuan was born, the whole world was shocked.

When he took his first breath, he gathered all the purple qi from 30,000 miles east. He was dubbed the Saint Child by others.

When he let out his first cry, it helped all of the cultivators around him break through their limits.

When he first opened his eyes, his parents mastered the Divine Eyes technique.

When he first moved his fingers, he tore open a crack in space. It was the Devastating Finger.

When he took his first step, cracks formed on the crust of the earth. It was the Chaotic Eight Steps.

When he first spoke, first ate, and first showered…

His Ancestor praised, “He’s the pride of our family.”

The Holy Maiden argued, “He’s mine!”

The Empress announced, “I’m willing to wait until he’s an adult!”

Buddda’s apprentice cursed, “Why am I meditating here? I can break through just by being close to him!”

By the time the baby grew into a child, he was already invincible.

“Reincarnated As A Baby? My Cry Is A Dragon Roar!” novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Fantasy, Eastern genres. Written by the author Northern Wind Sword. 505 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

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