Once Human, Now a Parasite
Once Human, Now a Parasite

Once Human, Now a Parasite

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Arthur, a Rich businessman was kidnapped and tortured for months by men his wife hired. After months of this hell, he was given a second chance, a new life in a different world and, of course, Arthur would rather start a new life than stay and continue to be tortured, so he accepted the deal that was proposed by a mysterious individual, but when he finally was reincarnated, Arthur discovered he was a..... parasite?

PS: Don’t expect a kind MC who saves everyone but don’t also expect a full anti-hero MC.

MC is a hypocrite, deal with it.

“Once Human, Now a Parasite” novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Tragedy, Action genres. Written by the author Thecrow. 742 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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