Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne

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After coming out of a tunnel... it was pitch dark.

When I awoke, it was pitch dark.

First, I need to grasp the situation... While lost in thought, white, foggy figures appeared, and as usual, it was utterly dark, just what is happening?

When I noticed, I reincarnated!

Moreover, my gender has changed!?

Wouldn’t you usually get a cheat ability when reincarnating!? God!

Isn’t this conversely a start with a handicap!

*This is a heartwarming story of a little carefree girl.

“Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Slice of Life, Adventure, Gender Bender, Comedy genres. Written by the author Tenkai, 天界. 269 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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