Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses
Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses

Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses

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It was the year 3090 AD, the virtual reality net game “Swords and Magic” was developed on Earth, and the game would descend upon the world in ten years! In order to survive, the only way was to tame various powerful monsters in the magical world. That’s the only way to make oneself more powerful and take control of the gods’ power! Jiang Bai reincarnated to a time before the game was launched. By relying on his memory, he successfully obtained the Infinite Beast Taming Encyclopedia. Divine Beast Black Dragon Princess! Sacred Beast Dark Night Elf Queen… Jiang Bai asked, “Why is everyone else’s pet beasts animals, but mine is a bunch of gorgeous girls? I’m going to be sucked dry. I need help, quick.”

“Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses” novel is a popular light novel covering Game, Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Whiteday. 168 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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