Naked Sword Art
Naked Sword Art

Naked Sword Art

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Dual Cultivation is an art. The more you focus on doing the art, the worse it becomes. Only when doing it becomes part of the art itself, does one truly experience it to its fullest.

You will know you understand only when you can’t tell the singer from the song, dancer from the dance, and the daoist partners from the dao. This is true enlightenment in the art of dual cultivation


The ’Naked Sword Art’ is a personal skill of mine. It isn’t perfect yet, but I believe it will one day be the greatest dual cultivation technique known to man.

I am the fucker of mothers, stripper of daughters, and the bane of all men and husbands alike. I am a blind dual cultivator.

“Naked Sword Art” novel is a popular light novel covering Ecchi, Harem, Mature, Romance, Comedy, Xianxia, Action, Fantasy, Smut genres. Written by the author Ralegacy. 321 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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