My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved
My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved

My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved

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Swing the sword 100 times, [Sword Intent lv1]

Swing the sword 1000 times, [Sword Intent lv3]

Swing the sword 10,000 times, [Sword Intent LV10]

Swing the sword 1,000,000 times, [Sword Intent lv99]

Su Yang traveled through time, into the body of ordinary people.

Fortunately, swinging a sword can improve sword intent.

After continuous improvement, Su Yang found that there was something wrong with this sword intent.

[Wild Supreme Sword Body]

[Handcrafted Sword Spirit Root]

[Solve communication difficulties, rub the sword net with your hands, and start ancient surfing]

The strength increased too fast and was targeted by the lv30 boss?

Su Yang looked at the lv99+ above his head, the old monster should lie down in the coffin.

Enemies from the sky, immortals destroy the world?

Then I, an ordinary person like me, will make a move.

One sword transforms all kinds of methods, and I will rub whatever is lacking.

[ps: Invincible flow, cool text, cool all the way, no aggrieved, no suppression, no brainless pretending to slap your face]

“My Sword Intent Can Be Infinitely Improved” novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Writing For Ten Years. 326 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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