My Roleplay System
My Roleplay System

My Roleplay System

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A couple weeks before Lake's Martial Course Entrance Exam, While he was taking a nap during a class he is awoken by a strange beeping sound. Opening his sleepy eyes, he could sees a strange holographic screen in front of him.

[Roleplay System has successfully bonded to host. Do you wish to begin roleplaying?]

[Yes?] or [No?]

At first Lake thought he was still half asleep and half-heartedly chose [Yes].

Immediately After he saw a new prompt appear before his eyes.

[Please select the main role the host wishes to play from the following options.]

After reading that message, A series of options appeared before him. The options were so numerous that they covered the entirety of his vision. From the numerous options Lake could spot a few interesting sounding roles, [Martial Saint], [Heavenly Sage], [Harem King], [Slaughterer]…

The options were too much and they made Lake dizzy. Without much thinking Lake scanned through the list of roles and choose the role whose name caught his attention the most.

[Master of Fate]


“My Roleplay System” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance genres. Written by the author Lagaru. 49 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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