MMORPG: I Can See Hidden Information
MMORPG: I Can See Hidden Information

MMORPG: I Can See Hidden Information

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In 2030, an anomaly transpired, and aliens invaded the earth! At this age where the world was about to be destroyed, the top talents of mankind gathered from all over the world to develop a holographic game called Miracle. All humans on Earth would enter this game and battle against foreign invaders through holographic simulation. After Mike entered this game, he unexpectedly discovered that he could actually see all kinds of hidden information.

[Beginner-tier Exotic Beast, Level: 1, Status: Weak…]

[Boss-tier Exotic Beast, Level: 10, Status: Berserk...]

[Overlord-tier Exotic Beast, Level: 15, Status: Idle. Will drop a piece of SSS-grade weapon when killed... ]

[Old wooden crate with hidden SSS-grade equipment...]

From then on, Mike used the system to quickly level up in Miracle. Gradually, when he looked back, he had become the world’s greatest existence!

“MMORPG: I Can See Hidden Information” novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game genres. Written by the author Hong Chen Qian Zhang. 220 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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