Little Prodigal Alliance Head
Little Prodigal Alliance Head

Little Prodigal Alliance Head

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Other people’s Alliance Heads are unrivaled in the lands, with an incomparable domineering air. With a shake of their arm they could cause a thousand waves to ripple throughout Jianghu.

Tang Doudou practically wants to flip the table!

Cook, warm the bed, warm the bed, cook... She’s completely been caught up in a goddamned cycle!

After she finishes she still has to ask a phrase of husband-sama are you pleased?

Uncle could endure but Auntie can’t endure!

“Wife has worked hard. A moment in the spring night is worth a thousand pounds of gold, when we get home this husband will give you a massage!” This demonically charming black-bellied man’s phoenix eyes flashed as he smiled with a completely harmless expression.

Tang Doudou looked to the sky speechless, ...

“Little Prodigal Alliance Head” novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Gender Bender, Historical, Xianxia, Mystery, Josei, Comedy genres. Written by the author 花吱, Hua Zi. 832 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

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