Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy
Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy

Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy

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3 years after getting transmigrated into the magical world, Allen was weak. He didn't have a talent for magic, and even after a year of practicing mage wholeheartedly, he was still Tier 0, trash. Getting ridiculed daily, Allen couldn't help but ignore them and create an emotionless face. But one day, like daily, he was practicing his spell 'Spark', a Tier 0 spell, a dinging sound reverberated inside his ear. [Ding! The magical System has awakened! You can now start your journey towards becoming a mage.] [Ding! Error occurred! Error 101, has been registered] [Dispatching Anti-Error function. Failed! Bug 2002 has occurred!] [Dispatching Anti-Bug] [Error and Bug recovered] [Because of a slight problem, the status has been updated] [Your mana is now INF] Faced with this ridiculous window in front of him, a smile crawled on his face, and so his journey to becoming the strongest with his infinite mana.

“Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy” novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy genres. Written by the author Wringbro. 88 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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