I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date
I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date

I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date

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William Scott, a soldier, returned to the city with the goal to live the rest of his life peacefully. He would practice the lifestyle of a retired person.

However, his mother set him up on blind dates time and again. Unwilling to keep up with her arrangements, he was left with no choice but to pretend to be in a relationship with Yvette Quinn, a female CEO who was also forced by her parents to go on blind dates.

To his surprise, this was only the beginning of many troubles to come. Before he could get to settling those troubles, he first needed to sort out an even more pressing problem.

The girl looked at him and asked, “Take a guess. Am I the elder cousin or the younger cousin? As my boyfriend, you should be able to differentiate between the two of us, right?”

His contract girlfriend was so unprofessional. Although they had an agreement, she was always asking her younger cousin to take her place and pretend to be her around him.

What should he do about that?

“I Met The Female CEO While Escaping A Blind Date” novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Fantasy, Drama genres. Written by the author Day After Day. 100 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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