I Have Seven Big Brothers
I Have Seven Big Brothers

I Have Seven Big Brothers

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From the poor little girl who ate hundreds of meals in the small mountain village to the wealthy lady, the five-year-old Nuan Nuan lived a life of being favored by the whole family.

The elder brother is cold and reticent, he is the heir of the Gu family

The second brother is a genius with a gentle personality and high IQ, and the youngest professor in the research institute.

Third brother is a top star with fans all over the world.

The fourth brother is a cold and talented doctor who can save his life in the hands of the king of hell

Wu Ge is a talented painter, and a painting is worth millions.

Brother Six is ​​a wild school bully

Seventh brother has a black belly and a bear child, he is the king of children.

And Nuan Nuan was favored by his brothers after returning home.

Note: Not all elder brothers are biological elder brothers, there are cousins ​​and cousins.

“I Have Seven Big Brothers” novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Drama genres. Written by the author Lop rabbit. 610 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

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