Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate
Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate

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Everyone transmigrated to the High Continent and became a Lord to participate in the conquest between Lords from all the other races.

A few lucky Lords would receive Lord Talents.

“Hah! My talent is the Knight’s Hall, a Diamond-Tier Lord Talent! My subjects can job change into a unique warrior class, the Combat Spirit Knight!”

“My Lord Talent is the King of Abyss. I can summon demons to become my subjects!”

“I have a lot of subjects who are scientists! I can create advanced technologies!”

“My Talent allows me to cultivate! I’ll become a celestial!”

Zhou Zhou received a Legendary-Tier Lord Talent — 100% drop rate!

Not only could he see the things he would receive from an enemy, but his enemies would drop all of their loot when they were defeated.

“Watch as I make you drop your Talents!”

“Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate” novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author A Green Bird. 1146 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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