Five Frozen Centuries
Five Frozen Centuries

Five Frozen Centuries

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God intends to make the earth into a game and let humans become players, so God set the rules of the game after pausing the time of humans all over the world, but God ignored a person.

Wei Huo had no sense of presence since he was a child. He was ignored by the teacher when he went home during the spring tour, and was ignored by the classmates during the class party. Unexpectedly, this time he was ignored by God…

Five hundred years later, human time has resumed its flow. All humans think that they have crossed into the game world, and Wei Huo has led them in this game for five hundred years.

“Five Frozen Centuries” novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure genres. Written by the author Dr. Dreamer, 作梦DR. 434 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

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