Divine Beast Lord: 10000 Amplifier From The Start
Divine Beast Lord: 10000 Amplifier From The Start

Divine Beast Lord: 10000 Amplifier From The Start

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After being transmigrated to the world of the game Global Lord, Wang Xiao received a beast as his beginner unit.

His start was a little lackluster, but, fortunately, he had also received the 10000x Amplifier system.

The beginner bloodline was amplified by 10000 times.

His F-grade beast, Black-furred Dog, immediately became the S-grade beast, Cerberus.

The time was sped up by 10000 times.

The 30 years that it would take the A-grade beast, Immortal Pheonix, to mature had been shortened to one day.

The reproduction rate had been increased by 10000 times.

In just over a night, the SSS-grade beast, Primordial Divine Dragon, had bred a ton of baby dragons.

Every other lord was stunned.

“Why are his beasts growing so fast?”

“Are you telling me that huge island is actually his Divine Beast, the Black Turtle?”

“10000 Ancient Titans from the east and 10000 Mammoths from the west? How am I supposed to fight that? I’d rather just die!”

“Divine Beast Lord: 10000 Amplifier From The Start” novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author summertime. 437 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.

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