Billionaires with Benefits
Billionaires with Benefits

Billionaires with Benefits

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Could lust turn into love?

*Mature Content.*

*This book is not for young readers.*

Paula was arranged to marry William although he already had a lover, Lea. Sounded like a cliche arranged marriage story because he planned not to touch his wife and intended to divorce her one day when his lover returned. However, his plan failed miserably. He did not expect that his wife was an aggressive woman and always demanded her rights as a wife. She had him wrapped around her little finger.

Finally, William and Paula agreed to live like friends with benefits. They would do fun things in bed, with no feelings attached. Of course, they did it in secret, without telling a word to Lea. In addition, they also agreed to get a divorce one day, when everything was under control.

However, things got complicated when Paula and Lea were found pregnant. Who would William choose? Paula or Lea?

“Billionaires with Benefits” novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Action, Comedy genres. Written by the author Rachel_ET. 175 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.

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